2022 Queshark Glasses QE56 Coming~

2022 Queshark Glasses QE56 Coming~

Queshark QE56 The most comprehensive glasses.

High-quality multi-pair lenses, polarizers, night vision lenses, anti-ultraviolet, anti-fouling and easy to clean.
More excellent frame design, detachable and changeable lower frame, full frame or half frame, with various styles. The temples are longer and more fashionable.
1,FIVE EXCHANGABLE TAC HD LENS-You will get a total of 5 lenses.1 polarized grey lens,2 HD 100%
full coating anti-fog lens,1 yellow night vison lens.1 clear daily safety lens.The lens 100% UV
400 protection, blocks 100% harmful UVA, UVB&UVC . Restore true color, eliminate glare and
reflected light, make the scenery more clear and real. The lens has anti-greasy function, and
fingerprints can be easily erased.

The frame is made of TR90 material, which is very light
and durable. The overall weight is 32g, no pressure on the bridge of the nose and ears. The soft silicone non-slip nose pads can keep you comfortable for a long time. The tough frame will not break during sports and cause damage to you.

Both the temples and the frame of the glasses have ventilation holes, which can effectively reduce wind resistance and hotness on the face. Non-slip silicone wraps the temples, stylish and practical. An extra nose pad is given, and you can switch between rim and rimless at will. The nose pads are also adjustable in size to adapt to different sizes of nose bridges.

The package contains 4 extra lenses, a soft cleaning cloth and a pouch, an EVA protective case with a lens slot, and a golden Queshak brand retail carton. A myopia frame (if you are nearsighted, you can use this frame to customize a lens that suits
you). These glasses are a great choice whether you use them yourself or as a gift.

We provide perfect after-sales service, you can contact us at
any time if you encounter any product problems, we will solve it for you as quickly as possible. The Queshark brand has always pursued high-quality products and excellent services. So you can try it with confidence.

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this glasses look cool, but I wondered if you do notice the ventilation holes when you have the glasses on?


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