Brand Story



Queshark is an independent brand founded by a group of passionate college students.

In 2013, Gary Li, the founder of Queshak, was still a second-year university student in China. He loves sports very much,
especially cycling. He formed his own team with classmates who have common interests.
"Queshark" bicycle fleet.

In the course of long-term cycling, they found a common problem. That is, cycling equipment is very expensive, especially cycling
glasses. For students with no additional income, this is really a very large expense. A pair of leading brands cycling glasses is
worth hundreds of dollars, most students can't afford it.

They had no choice but to buy some cheap cycling glasses. After long-term use, they found that these glasses would be harmful to
the eyes. This problem makes them very upset. They did not find some products in the market that are moderately priced and whose
quality can meet the standards of leading brands.

Once a team member jokingly said: "Should we make the riding glasses we need ourselves?" The talker is unintentional,but the
listener is intentional. Team leader Gary began to look up the information in this regard to study the feasibility.

After two months of research, Gary officially announced to his teammates that we really want to make our own cycling glasses. The
brand name is Queshak. It will continue the shark spirit of our team, bravery, passion, exploration and cooperation.

The team members work together. Arlene, an international student from the United States, is responsible for the design, Jim is
responsible for crowd-raising funds from the school, and Gary is responsible for contacting the factory. After 2 months, their
first design draft of cycling glasses was completed by Arlene, and Jim raised about 5,000 US dollars.

Abel also found a factory in Guangzhou that has long been an OEM manufacturer for some leading brands of cycling glasses in Europe
and America. The factory manager was moved by Gary's persistencethe, They promised to produce a batch of high-quality glasses for
them in small batches at a relatively low price. It took 3 months for the design draft to be made into a mold and produce.

The first batch of cycling glasses was finally produced, with a total of 300 sets. This batch of cycling glasses is very popular in
schools. The students are amazed by its quality and low price. Queshark also became famous in school because of this.

Soon, they ushered in the graduation season. Gary invited the core team members and founded Queshak together. The Queshark brand
has been successfully registered in the European Union, the United States, South Korea and other regions. They have also developed
a variety of products in the QE series.

Today, Queshak has been founded for 5 years, and its products are exported to many countries around the world. It is loved and
recognized by consumers from different countries around the world.

Queshark has always maintained its original intention, insisted on original design, and continuously improved product quality.

Let more people enjoy the fun of using high-quality sports glasses at a lower price. Queshark's bravery, passion, exploration, and
cooperative spirit are also being recognized and spread by its users.

Queshark cycling glasses series

Queshark cycling glasses series

Hot-selling style QE42
The glasses have been well received since the beginning of sales in 2019. It is one of the most popular styles in the store.

Queshark cycling glasses series QE42

Queshark cycling glasses series


Fashion style QE44
QE44's colorful frames and unique lens materials make it universal for men and women.

Queshark cycling glasses series QE44Queshark cycling glasses series QE44



Explosive glasses QE48

QE48, which extends from QE42, is even more popular than QE42. How do you think it is better than QE42?

Queshark cycling glasses series qe48 (2)Queshark cycling glasses series qe48 3


Oversized frame QE51

The obvious feature of this glasses is the oversized lens, so that the protection is in place and the field of vision is more open.

Queshark cycling glasses series qe51AQueshark cycling glasses series qe51 B

Fashion new QE54

The fashionable new QE54 in 2021, with simple lines, makes riding a fashionable and looking forward to it.

Queshark cycling glasses series qe54 AQueshark cycling glasses series qe54 B