• QE55

    Queshark's latest series of glasses, with a new comfortable frame, porous and breathable, and upgraded lenses to prevent stains.Click View

  • QE42

    Queshark's most classic style, perfectly taking into account the needs of cycling and daily sports, can be seen everywhere outdoors. Click View

  • QE48

    Queshark's most popular style inherits the advantages of QE42, and further optimizes the frame structure on this basis. Click View

  • QE44

    Queshark's niche style perfectly meets the preferences of some people, and it will not let you down. Click View

  • QE54

    Queshark's lightest riding model, with smooth and simple lines, less is more without frills. Click View

  • QE52

    Queshark's distinctive style, the frame is detachable, and it only takes a few seconds to change the full frame to half. Click View

  • QE51

    Queshark's highest frame style, 6.2cm high frame, recommended by the brawny. Click View

  • QE56

    The finale at the end of 2021,Combine the advantages of the previous models and have unique characteristics.Click View

  • QE48-BS

    Queshark photochromic lens, UV protection, darkens with the environment, adjusted to make the eyes most comfortable.Click View

  • Accessories Series

    Replaceable lenses, replaceable frames, and accessories of different colors are your exclusive glasses. Click View

QE55 Video demo

  • Frame

    The queshark frame is original design.
    Carefully designed in line with ergonomics, high-quality TR90 material frame is durable and wear-resistant, and high-quality detail design can reduce wearing fatigue, such as

  • Lens

    Coated composite lens, not only clear, but also UV protection, reduce glare in the field of vision. 3-5 pairs of lenses, so that you can cope with different environments and different weather.

  • Packaging & Accessories

    EVA box is easy to carry and store. Glasses bag and glasses cloth help you better protect your glasses.

Make cycling more comfortable and exciting

QE48 Black Red Polarized Glasses Bike Sunglasses Bicycle Goggles Cycling Eyewear UV400 5 Lens/Set

Let sharing good things become part of your life

QE55 Camouflage Blue Polarized Sunglasses Cycling Eyewear Men Women Oversized Driving Glasses with 5 Lens

You should always actively taste the next chocolate

QE44 Blue Pink Polarized Cycling Sunglasses UV400 Bike Glasses Sport Eyewear for Men Women 4 Lens